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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Weak tea. No I mean weak ties.

Hello all

I've been busy preparing my latest podcast all about networking and the power of weak ties. What are they you ask? Birthday presents you don't wear? Listen and find out and discover the Jane Austen reference. It's in all the usual places, iTunes, SoundCloud, Sticher, Tunein radio, Anchor and

Monday, 15 October 2018

The things we carried.

I went out out last week for the full day during a week day.
I met lots of people, drank coffee, ate croissants, had lunch provided and listened to a key note speaker. I got home late.
I was on...a training course.
The first of a number of days from now until December.

It was held at Edgebaston Cricket Ground. This was, incidentally, the first time I'd ever 
been to a cricket ground. Probably the last. Sport is just not my jam.

I had to play cricket at school. What that actually meant was being placed at Silly bugger off all afternoon, never touching a ball and I don't remember ever being allowed to bat. A sensible captain's choice as I was exceedingly bad at any sport that involved throwing, catching or hitting a ball.

Despite my ongoing lack of a job I've decided to continue to invest in my professional development and so have self-funded a course. This is not a trivial sum to spend. I had to think long and hard and have a meaningful discussion with the long suffering Mrs EOTP. We both agreed that life long learning is A Good Thing even though it sometimes costs A Lot Of Money. As I'm not getting an new job with conventional tactics it's time for a change of emphasis and some new ideas.

Hence this. Sounds great doesn't it?

Now, for me, being out with new people who have actual jobs all day is quite strange after 10 months without a role. Here are people with very busy schedules, talking about their jobs, the things they do and have to do. And I stand up, introduce myself and say 'I'm currently unemployed.' In fairness no one looks askance. Or asks what I do during the day.

In fact so used to being unemployed have I become that I hadn't noticed the batteries in my three watches had run out.

I forgot to put a pen in my jacket when I set off.

I didn't fully charge my iPhone overnight.

I found this fascinating. How quickly one accepts the new status quo. I haven't worn a watch for 12 months, have not needed to keep my iPhone fully charged as I now longer get the volume of email and phone calls I did and why would I need a pen?

I have a briefcase somewhere, put into storage, because I have no briefs.

So when I was Very Important and a Senior Manager I clearly felt I needed to carry the symbols that were part of the assumed makeup of the role but have now forgotten about them now. I used to be concerned that I hadn't got the latest iPhone and somehow my work performance would suffer. Not sure how. I suppose a bigger phone might have been more effective at blocking out the sound of constant whinging that seemed to go on where I worked.

I got home at 1930hrs that day and was tired. Well I'm not used to talking so much during the day. Or having to think about concepts, what makes an effective leader, how we can cross boundaries. I just think about making a cup of tea and is it lunch time yet? 

Apart from the podcasts, the blog, the FaceTime conversations and emails that is.

I loved the day. But I'm going to get a battery in at least one watch.